Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Volley Like a Pro with Peter Smith

University of Southern California Men's Tennis Coach
Peter Smith, Back-to-Back ('10 and '09) NCAA Championship coach and USC assistant coach Brett Masi deliver the goods in this excellent DVD.

Smith comes by the subject matter authentically - in fact, how this DVD came to be is a great story. While in college, a young man (about 12 yrs old) by the name of Pete Sampras would spend time in volley practice with the Long Beach State team and learn, alongside Smith and his teammates, the same drills that are still in use by the back-to-back NCAA Championship USC tennis team today ... these are the drills on this DVD! All of the drills are demonstrated aptly by Smith and Masi and are explained in the same forthright, clear manner he uses to teach them to his tennis team. The drills are shot from a platform, allowing a good view of the court and again, they are well-explained and clearly shown. It is evident that Smith was a great student of the game, a great player and is a fantastic teacher and coach!

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